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Senior Leader

Served as the District Court Judge of Dallas County from January of 2005 until October of 2021, when he retired from the bench. He presently serves as Chairman of the Dallas County System of Services (f/k/a Dallas County Children’s Policy Council, Inc.).

Judge Armstrong is also a leader of Blue Jean Selma, which is a ministry whose mission is to transform and revive people and the Selma community. 

He has been married to Ann Armstrong for over 40 years,  & he has 3 adult children, 2 daughters-in-law, 2 grandsons, with 2 more on the way. He loves the outdoors, especially his beloved river (i.e.the Alabama River).

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Outreach Director

Matt Hobson, our enthusiastic Outreach Pastor at Blue Jean Church, goes beyond the church walls to demonstrate God's love in tangible ways. With strong communication skills and a gregarious nature, he forges connections and engages people from all walks of life. Matt organizes community events, coordinates outreach programs, and supports those in need.

He is also a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, former cage fighter, Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and avid outdoor enthusiast. As a global missionary, business owner, and founder of Nature's Pace, a non-profit organization, he combines his love for the outdoors with a desire to make a positive impact on a larger scale. Matt's adventurous spirit and dedication to service have taken him worldwide. Happily married with three children and three grandchildren, he embraces the joy and love of family life. Through his passion, athleticism, and compassion, Matt makes a positive difference in individuals' lives and the community.

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