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Blue Jean Inner Healing and Wellness Sessions

We want to help you get in touch with the One who gets us free, Jesus. He’s the One who breaks the cycles that keep us from moving forward and that’s where we’re coming from. Jesus. Jesus is the change maker and we believe that inner healing tools and counseling can get you free, healed, and delivered from a life of stuck, a life of pain, numbness or anxiety, depression, oppression and so on. We believe that like in the scriptures (Acts 3:8) each of us can jump (physical healing) leap (emotional healing) and bless God (spiritual healing).

It’s time to get unstuck, to know the Father’s delight and plan for your life, and to experience the power that flows from a life fully embraced by the Holy Spirit. It’s time to come fully alive to live the life of your calling and purpose. It’s time to receive the inheritance that Jesus paid for you to have and authentically reign in life.

At Blue Jean, we believe you want to grow in wellness. Jesus purchased abundant life for you on the cross, which includes living empowered in your body, soul, and spirit. We are sons and daughters of God, growing together in healthy family.

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